Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ready for the "Second Coming" and "All New X-Men"?

I just finished watching Comicbookgirl19's Epic History: X-MEN Vol. 1 and it was enthralling! It was also the perfect catalyst for the 2nd wave of my X-Men comics diet for this September, y'all! I am coming back with a splash!


Watch the documentary here below. It's pretty fucking cool as shit!:

Now I just have to finish up my Hellblazer readings in my other blog but I will be coming back to my favorite mutant superheroes by September until January of next year. There are a bazilion storylines and titles I want to accomplish reviewing and I am very committed to this sacred task. There is also the anticipation of the next X-Men film down the pipeline in 2016 which is an adaptation of the Age of Apocalypse comics. I'm very excited for that! I'm prepared for some painful Cherik-ing along the way too.

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