Wednesday, February 18, 2015

X-Men Forever 2 by Chris Claremont volume 2

The thing that really gets to me about the XMF series as a whole is that there are great character moments I actually look forward to and get emotional about. But this second season is suddenly a mess upon a heap of messes and a pile of bullshit. Everything is happening so fast. There are so many mutants running around fighting each other, half of them I don't readily recognize. The direction this series has taken in #6-8 issues alone depresses me greatly.

To be objective about it, the main plot for said issues wasn't that bad. I wish it was the "so bad it's good" kind of flop but it's not even that. From what I can understand, in the future, a boy named Nathan (who is possibly Nate Summers) is leading the Consortium as he finds a way to travel back in time to abduct his younger self or something. All this ties back to the cure for the Mutant Burnout, a threat so prevalent and yet so underwhelming and vaguely delivered since it was revealed in issue #5 last season. So Nathan employs the Marauders, who work for Mister Sinister, to obtain young Nate. The boy luckily escapes through his babysitter's help. Her name is Robyn but she was later revealed to be a spy that future Nathan placed in the Summers household to gain their trust. The Marauders started using clones of Sabretooth and, insensitively so, Logan's. When Kitty gets stabbed in the stomach by the Dark Wolverine, things got very interesting. HOWEVER we don't focus on this but rather on the dizzying ensemble of characters fighting in the majority of the pages for all three issues. AND I COULDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT because I think the Kitty-Wolverine subplot was far more engaging.

Issues #6-8 could have been handled differently. The Burnout arc is beginning to drag and bug me. It's the less interesting plot of the series by now. I hope we get Storm back which is certainly a terrible atrocity to look forward to because I fucking hate what she has become for this series but it's still very compelling to see her unleash her crazy. I'm a masochist with severe attachment issues that way.

After yet another clusterfuck of cameo characters battling it out with the X-Men for the most thinly veiled plot device ever as featured in issues #6-8 which I just abhorred so much, we finally shift some respectable focus on Kitty Pryde who encountered the murderous clone of Wolverine in the midst of battle and the asshole also just stabbed her through the stomach so now she has sustained ugly hole marks on her belly. Thanks to the fact that she inherited Logan's healing factor alongside that singe adamantium claw, she managed to survive any kind of blood loss from such wounds. Sabretooth helped her kill the imposter-Wolverine but it was revealed that the jerk lived anyway and has plans for a second round. The road to change and recovery for Kitty has never been pleasant since the series began. She's been constantly torn between accepting that her genetic infusion with the late Logan has affected her in a fundamental level AND clinging to the version of her that remains pure and comfortable. She's not only adjusting to her sudden personality change and mood swings but now she's also been dreaming and thinking vividly in Japanese lately. Now Kitty may be able to cope with her psychological struggles during missions especially when she can utilize her adamantium claw in physical confrontations, but she's barely holding it together and these two issues leisurely explore the fragility of her state of mind after an encounter with that Wolverine clone.

IThings become so much worse later on when some of the X-Men (Jean Grey and Gambit, more importantly) arrive in Japan to fight Sigrid and Mariko. Afterwards, there was a draw of some sort and the X-Men were able to make their escape, leaving Mariko and Sigrid to scheme new evil plans for future installments. To turn the whole 'scorned women' into a trinity crusade, Sigrid and Mariko contacts motherfucking Storm, now residing as the queen of Wakanda, and she listens to their proposal with disinterest at first until they present her a gift she could refuse: the teenage version of herself! It turns out that they managed to abduct 'Ro as the rest of the X-Men made their escape earlier. Well, holy shit. I really enjoyed #9-10. They were undoubtedly a massive improvement from the stale and irritating eight issues from before. They were gorgeously illustrated by artist Mike Grell, and are character-centered with lots of impactful revelations and action-oriented confrontations between our heroes and villains. Now let's commence be the blurbs:

Issue #6 --> In which I rolled my eyes SO HARD

Issue #7 --> In which I screamed a little scream in vile contempt

Issue #8 --> In which I honestly want to punch a wall

Issue #9 ---> In which Kitty gets the spotlight for self-discovery and illumination and she and Remy almost shared a kiss but he was a decent enough fellow not to take advantage of her. Also known as the issue where Kitty tries to save someone who is not worth her time.

Issue #10 --> In which Storm, Mariko and Sigrid Trask are assholes and Kitty is awesome.


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