Tuesday, March 17, 2015

X-Men: Excalibur III by Chris Claremont issue #8

Claremont presents yet another bafflingly entitled story arc, Saturday Night Fever which begins with the husbands employing the help of Shola and Freakshow to repair the neighborhood they live in which was actually pretty nice. Mags and Wicked also continue to bond as she aids him in finding useful items in various empty buildings through the use of her control on spirits, as Charles tries to seek some sort of peaceful arrangement with Unus the Unbreakable who flat-out refuses any kind of allegiance because he's an immature brat who thinks he has to be the boss of everything. That kind of self-serving cuntitude should get him killed. CROSS-FINGERS, EVERYONE!

On the flipside, Karima the Omega Sentinel whose humanity has been restored fully by the husbands, busied herself by guarding the prisons were a bunch of Magistrates, thieves, trolls and Sir D-Beastie reside. She and said gallant monster had a fascinating conversation as she tries to convince the Magistrates and trolls to join them instead of fighting against them. Trolls, being trolls, attacked her and she was strong enough to fend them off. A telepathic apparition of Charles appeared and tried to negotiate some terms again. Unlike with Unus, this time the other parties have seen reason and they collectively agree to help out. This is all done in goodwill of rebuilding Genosha. I don't trust them though.

We were introduced to another pair of mutants, Broadband and Book who function basically as their names imply. Shola was able to tap into the water channel but the waters in Genosha are apparently contaminated. Back in the house, the husbands and Callisto talk about new strategies and Charles expresses regret and a desire for atonement after what his evil twin sister Cassandra Nova has done (she and the Sentinels almost successfully obliterated the populace in Genosha). Trimmed down in numbers, it's no wonder the husbands are forced to employ help even from their rivals.

Charles then suggested that he should have to make a more physical contact with other surviving mutants scattered across Genosha and asked Mags to be in charge while he's gone off with Callisto. Right before the new BFFs leave to take care of some things, they had this great referential conversation to The Once and Future King by T.H White which is, of course, the husbands' favorite novel:

Callisto calling Charles King Arthur was a hoot and the fact that Chuck was quick to dismiss it and label himself as Uther Pendragon instead was very telling; yet Callisto corrects him immediately and assigns Magneto to the Uther role (for obvious reasons) so Charles decides to revert back to the mentor role of Merlyn and he now believes he is looking for a rightful ruler who will be the perfect fit for a more compassionate and wise leadership role, which is just endearing and accurate in so many levels. It just makes me giddy that they make these references. This series is entitled Excalibur after all so of course there has to be some mentions of the lore.

So after they piggy-back away, Mags was left with Shola and the teenagers who decided to watch some show using Broadband's powers. Shola and Mags have some chat as they combine their powers to build some shelters around the neighborhood. Mags gets yet another reflective flashback concerning his late daughter Anya which was rather timely because here comes a national broadcast featuring the Avengers' headquarters where it was reported that someone torched the place and that there are confirmed casualties. Obviously, Mags is worried because his children Pietro and Wanda (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch respectively) are members of the Avengers and he has to know if they are still alive. Shola strongly advises him against it. He is in hiding after all. The world believes Magneto is dead. But Mags cannot be swayed because he is once again very furious of the possibility that someone he loves is in danger and if that is indeed true then vengeance is the only route he must take. And--just like that--he was gone. Look at these panels. It made me go, "Oh, Erikkkkk...."

On the other side of the city, Charles and Callisto stumbled upon a wreckage as they try to find surviving mutants they can recruit and protect. Charles pointed out that there are dead zones in Genosha that disables him from using his telepathy. This was just another way of saying he can't keep in touch with Erik anymore which Callisto was astute enough to pick up on so she brings it up:
It made me giddy again--to hear Charles say that being inside Erik's head is a habit he will never break. And then they talk about Erik some more and the fact that he should have died but because of his powers of magnetism, he is nearly indestructible. Charles then expresses his anxiety over the extent of such powers and that it may be best that they should be prepared. NOW THIS IS DISTRESSING TO HEAR. I mean, Charles seems unable to trust Erik again WHICH DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. He eloped with the guy, for fuck's sake! He abandoned the X-Men and met up with Erik in Genosha so they can live together and work things out in Genosha by setting up a governing system which will improve the lives of mutants living there again. And then, all of a sudden, he's concerned that Erik will betray him somehow?! Well, Mags did have a history of being an unreliable twat, sure, but I thought Charles should know better by now. The one consistent thing about Erik is that HE ALWAYS FINDS HIS WAY BACK TO CHARLES. Still, I know saying this now is totally ironic, considering what Mags just did in the earlier pages (leave Genosha to go to the Avengers mansion and therefore risk revealing his identity). This makes this panel so hurtful for me:

WHAT THE FUCK, CHARLES? Callisto was the one who used to think Erik is a piece of shit but his actions throughout the issues after have proven otherwise so her opinion about him has definitely improved. Now she asserts that perhaps the only person who can keep Erik in line is Charles and that this should be enough. But then Charles disproves it by saying that though they may be married best friends, Erik could still betray him much like the Biblical brothers Cain and Abel WHICH IS JUST TOTALLY UNFAIR, Chuck! 

However, I really can't stand on that ground now, can I? Not after this bullshit happens:

Erik, you know how much Charles hates that damnable helmet! IT ONLY TOOK EIGHT ISSUES FOR ERIK TO REGRESS THIS BADLY? This is just so depressing! I was really, really hoping against all odds that Charles and Erik will stay united at least until the series ends. OR NEVER EVER FIGHT EVER AGAIN. But everything is a cycle between these two and I just feel like falling apart now. Gorrammit.

"Forgive me, Charles. Perhaps this is not the age of dreams or dreamers."

It's notable that Erik puts an emphasis on the 'dreamers' part. I think he's referring to the two of them--and to their punishingly intricate and doomed relationship. It may be his subconscious way of...*sniffs* breaking up with Charles YET AGAIN. Erik, dude, I know that you got issues but Charles is pretty messed up too. Either way, you both found out you you're nothing without each other....BECAUSE YOU BELONG TOGETHER NOW (YEAH). FOREVER UNITED HERE SOMEHOW (!) HE'S GOT A PIECE OF YOU (!) AND HONESTLY (!) YOUR LIVES WILL SUCK WITHOUT EACH OTHER!!! You stupid, beautiful idiots!!!


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