Tuesday, March 10, 2015

X-Men: Excalibur III by Chris Claremont issue #4

While the previous issue Wild Things didn't have enough Cherik moments in it (which was okay because it did focus on other supporting characters who may play a bigger role later on in the series), this one has more than made up for the lack of that. It was also able to provide twelve to fourteen pages of non-stop action among Hack, Hub and Purge with Wicked and Freakshow while Callisto got thrown in the mix midway during a confrontation with the Magistrates. Hard Path, being the final installment of the story arc Forging the Sword certainly delivered with the grand, climactic action scenes as well as one of the most interesting conversations and interactions between Professor X and Magneto, the husbands.

In the last three issues so far, we witnessed the beguiling moments between Charles and Erik who had just eloped to Genosha so they can start over with a lot of things; primarily in salvaging both the said doomed mutant wasteland from complete collapse, while also renewing their vows of friendship in the process. But their honeymoon-ing had been unfairly cut short with the appearance of Callisto by the second issue who was almost ready to beat up Magneto's ass because Mags doesn't play well with others (everybody knows that).

I think I failed to mention before that she's been sporting these massive mutated tentacles as powerful appendages lately because Callisto wasn't always like that. Some sort of bizarre experiment happened to her somewhere in the comics line (I don't know which) but at least she's pretty much adjusting to her new abilities. She's also willing to work with Xavier even if Magneto is a critical part of that package. Marriage works like that.

Last issue, teenage mutants and juvenile revolutionists Hack, Hub and Purge invaded a Magistrate air-ship, dislodging two coffins by accident, and one of them ended up underwater while the other landed on ground. That one housed this mutant warrior named Shola who is a Genoshan combat telekine and he woke up just in time to help the other mutants fight the Magistrate during the commotion. Some of Unus the Unbreakable's followers were also there to help out. I suppose these factions of mutants might hate each other on a daily basis but once you put a common enemy before them like the Magistrates, they'd be willing to work together for everyone's survival. That's a comforting thought for me because it means that they can be united as long as a strong leadership is guiding them. After all, they were once a community and I have great hopes that they can be again--with the right leaders to govern that unification.

Speaking of said dorky king-husbands: Charles and Erik are still currently underwater since the previous issue. Now scuba-diving is also something couples do on their honeymoon so I'm counting this as that. It's unfortunate that the coffin they uncovered belongs to an Omega Sentinel, an Indian officer named Karina Shapandar who we later find out was modified so she can objectively eliminate mutant without having to worry about her humanity getting in the way. Charles and Erik proceed to fix that. Combining their powers, they were able to bring out Karina's humanity on the surface. Just check out these awesome panels:


Awwww, that was totally their first married-argument...followed up by their first married-make-up moment! AWWWWWW...

Charles is livid; all his repressed issues have come to the surface now, ironically while they're underwater. Erik patiently hears him out and agrees to help while also pointing out that Charles' passion and fire at that moment was incredibly sexy. It's great to see that Charles the pacifist and martyr has finally declared that he has enough of this shit. Every baddie has been inflicting pain and suffering on his students--his children--for a long time and he endured that like a pro, but he also did nothing, choosing to forgive even when the asshole don't deserve it, but now he has reached his limit and there will be no more of that shit. This should also be a cautionary warning to Erik himself; Charles adores him to no end but he better not screw up their second marriage this time around or there will be hell to pay. I'm confident that Erik will be more steadfast and devoted and less of a single-minded bigot after all that has happened in the past where he lost Charles time and time again because he refused to take a more compassionate route to his approach for mutant-human equality, but I will stay on my guard as well because if there is one thing that's constant about Cherik, it's the fact that the writers always find a way to screw them over. Sooner or later these two will be archenemies again, fighting a losing war, which is goddamn stupid because they clearly belong together now and forever.

Look at this sudden heart-to-heart confession.

For Magneto to openly admit that he needs Charles as his perfect and equal complement as a leader, and for Charles to also admit that he would rather not do it alone either as long as Erik stands by his side--WHY DID IT TAKE THEM SO LONG--WITH AN OCEAN OF VIOLENCE, DISCORD AND HURT FEELINGS BETWEEN THEM--TO SEE THAT THIS WAS HOW IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE? Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr--Professor X and Magneto--benevolent Kings of Genosha. That's a historical moment in earth's history; for two of the most embittered rivals to come together and realize that it had always been so easy for them to choose each other than not at all. They temper each other, strengthening one another's purpose and convictions. If one of them lose himself, the other can always bring him back. That's the thing about this relationship. They could never and would never give up on each other because there's a lot of faith and respect that exist between them even after all the pain they caused to one another. Most especially and INARGUABLY, there is loveIt's a love that goes beyond ordinary comprehension; a love that stems from the need to belong and make a future together. Like any good marriage, it needs balance, communication and mutual understanding. It requires vigilance and tons of hope. This is how the story should be for you, Charles and Erik. You stupid, inconsistent and prideful dorks!! You need him, Erik. You never have to do things alone again, Charles.

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