Friday, January 23, 2015

X-Men Forever by Chris Claremont issue #15 (2009)

Dearest Ororo Munroe,

Why did you become such a vicious cunt?

You broke my heart, girl.

Your broke it clean in two.

Since her disappearance in issue #5, I've been asking about her whereabouts. Now that I have the answer, all I want is to do now is to throw it in a waste basket and set it on fire.

This is a casualty of epic proportions and you are a destructive calamity at the heart of it all, Ororo. You betrayed the X-Men. You killed Wolverine. Now you go back to Wakanda, Africa to marry a king who still believed in the goodness of your soul--and you had him killed by his mortal enemy with the promise that he can rule the kingdom beside you. But you were never going to share that throne, will you? So you killed that bastard too.

Now you sit there idly as the rest of Wakanda worship you at your feet. You claim that you want vengeance from the Consortium, your former employers who almost took you out after you blew your cover--and against Kitty Pryde, the young girl whom you took under your tutelage. Don't you remember that you loved her? Why would you want to harm her now? Just because she clawed your face? Well, girl, you are as ugly as that scar. I dread the day you come back for the X-Men. I dread the possibility that another one will die by your hand.

Most of all, I dread your own death. You may have hurt me but I still love you just as fiercely so if I watch you die, I will be grieving. I can't deny that there is a portion of my soul that still hopes and believes that this isn't you at all--that you are an impostor and that somewhere out there is the real Ororo. Please let this nightmare be over soon. I can't stand Storm being evil.


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