Thursday, January 29, 2015

X-Men Forever by Chris Claremont issue #18 (2009)

The Mississippi mission with Rogue and Nightcrawler only lasted for two issues? Srsly? I'm sorry but that was rather lame. How can you have two of the most interesting X-Men plus the intriguing Mystique in a story arc and tell a story so bereft of entertainment, insight or drama? This is not what I expect from Chris Claremont who can always find drama in anything gratingly insignificant and then turn it into guilty-pleasure fun. That was not the case with that easily forgettable two-issued arc that didn't give me any kind of satisfaction whatsoever. Basically, Rogue and Nightcrawler have switched powers there which sucks, I guess. However, we only get some new updates about that clusterfuck by the next issue after this.

So let's talk about this first. There isn't much to say, really. It's a Cyclops-centered issue where we see him still vacationing with his folks and son Nathan. We also get the Consortium and the much needed update on what they have been doing to Fabian Cortez which is gruesome. He's been experimented on. But since I hate that asshole, so I can't be too sad about it.

What else happened...uh, Alex (Havoc) and Lorna visited the family and then Nathan gets abducted by the Consortium. Why the fuck that happened, no one is really sure but it allowed Scott some action sequence as he saves his son. I just want to mention real quick that we will get back to Cortez in the next issue who will try to bargain his way out of captivity once the X-Men do find him by saying that his mutation may be the key to solving the burnout, considering he has the ability to speed up the process after all. I would just like to point out that he's responsible for Kitty getting the adamantine and for Rogue's siphoning ability to get haywired which was probably why she ended up absorbing Nightcrawler's powers to the most extreme degree. So yeah. We hate this guy. However, he may have some use indeed and it's not advisable to let the Consortium have him.

But hey, why am I addressing this future event in this review already rather than just focus on the plot has hand? Well, because nothing really happens for this fucking issue except the fact that we see Scott hang out with his son and brother, see son get kidnapped, has his brother help him rescue son, and then successfully gets his son back though we don't really get an understanding as to why the Consortium wanted the boy in the first place. Boring shit, basically. Anyway, the only thing I liked about this issue was that Alex was right to say that Scott needs to get back to the Xavier Mansion and not shrink from his responsibilities. That means we finally get to see him back in action, leading his team instead of playing house. I get that he does have a family and a boy to take care of but this is a superhero comic book and there's nothing remotely interesting or emotionally stirring about his relationship with the young boy. So I'd rather have Scott being Cyclops and kicking ass. Besides, I really hope he and Jean work out their issues because I still have hope that they can overcome this current roadblock. But I won't hope too much.

Yeah, fuck this issue. Let's go ahead with the next one which at least had a heftier content and some other promising developments. But, honestly, the fourth volume (issues #16-20) has been remarkably tedious and a little bland in some places. You can just skip this and nothing would really affect the flow of the current main narrative later on.


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