Friday, January 16, 2015

X-Men Forever by Chris Claremont issue #8 (2009)

Every issue of X-Men Forever starts with a summary of events from a previous issue and I always take the time to read them just to keep in mind all the fuck-ups and the dramatic bullshit that have happened over the course of the seven issues so far. This has been a riveting reading experience, actually, in spite of the fact that it's filled with so much pain, suffering and betrayal. Claremont is able to balance the elements just right, not going over-the-top with the character drama and still keeping on the right track when it comes to plot development. We are currently in the Sentinels story arc which is promising enough as a premise, seeing as these assholes are the bane of every mutant in existence. Programmed to detect mutation and destroy it, the Sentinels are giant robots that the X-Men have to face time and time again and beat the crap out of. We get plenty of that in this issue, thank god.

The opening pages showcased the brilliant teamwork and cooperation the X-Men is known for. Nick Fury tags along and stubbornly tries to help because the man wouldn't just allow himself be carried off to safety by a girl (Kitty). But even he has to admit that taking down a giant killer-robot by his lonesome is not his expertise. Anyway, we get some page about the Consortium again who of course has something to do with the revival of the Sentinels program because apparently these sons of bitches have to cover their quota of bad-guy requirements and I am so sick and tired of them still looming in the shadows, affecting things in a big way, and I still have to be kept in the dark as a reader regarding their real intentions. Are they pro or anti-mutants? Do they even have any definable political leanings and goals or whatever? Are they just there to jerk around the chains of status quo?

I really need to get some answers by the next installment at least, especially an update on Storm's whereabouts--maybe even on Fabian Cortez and whoever the mole is in S.H.I.E.L.D--or if S.H.I.E.L.D is actually working for the Consortium because god knows this isn't the first time they have been duped and infested within by a secret evil organization. Oh, S.H.I.E.L.D, how could you be so easy to infiltrate like this? It's so embarrassing by now.

Speaking of questionable alliances: Sabretooth is still cozying up in the Xavier Mansion, dreaming up of ways to get close to Kitty since he shares genetic bond with the late Logan. At least they had the common sense to smack some ankle bracelet that monitors his activity in case he decides to sneak out and hunt Kitty. Also, he's still blind which is odd since he should be healing by now. We also get a scene with young Ororo and Gambit whose familiarity with each other really warms my heart. I miss Storm and despite of what she did, I still want to believe that she's been manipulated and that this young Ororo may be the key to bring her back to the fold. 

Meanwhile, back to the current mission: the team were able to find the home base of the Sentinel research facility and encounter a female scientist who was knocked out unconscious. Jean was unable to get a read on her. Apparently, this female scientist has been implanted with a chip that interferes with telepathic activity which is bizarrely convenient--and handy if you turn out to be a villainess. Seriously, both Kurt and Hank believed her story about being just some poor, defenseless woman alone in the secluded facility and not get suspicious about the fact that she is armed against telepaths? Well, thank god it was revealed at the end of this issue who she really is: she's the great-granddaughter of Bolivar Trask. Whatever. By that association, I hate her already. She has Nick at gunpoint who argues with her about the moral implications of the Sentinel program, claiming it's yet another Holocaust that must be stopped. OH DEAR GOD I MISS MAGNETO. Just like with Logan, I think he's going to come back. He has to! If he doesn't, I may never get to make another Cherik reference which has been sorely lacking lately and I need to have that quota filled in every review I post here. This is important, okay?

But anyway, they have this infuriating exchange:

Bitch also argues that she's just there to speed up the process of their extinction. Well, fuck you.


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