Friday, January 30, 2015

X-Men Forever by Chris Claremont issue #20 (2009)

This issue is the final installment of whatever the fuck is happening with S.H.I.E.L.D, the Constortium and Fabian Cortez. It picks up right after the previous issue's cliffhanger where Nick Fury, Agent Daisy Dugan, Sabretooth and Gambit are confronted by Consortium operatives as they are just about to whisk away Fabian Cortez to get more information from him. As an action-packed issue, I had no problem with this. The pages illustrated by Graham Nolan were captivating enough to hold my attention as I follow our heroes as they escape the clutches of the enemy. 

Visually, it was great. However, Claremont's narration boxes sort of annoy me because they were so self-aware and needlessly chatty. I would have preferred for the artwork to speak for itself so it can heighten the sense of danger and high stakes but with Claremont's narration, the supposedly tense atmosphere gets underwhelming at times. I think that's my only strong nitpick for this issue and I don't really feel like picking this apart more than it needs to be. For what it's worth, at least the fourth volume is over and I can now post my official review of it and then finally start posting a single review per story arc so I don't get irritated when a particular issue slows down my momentum and spoils my enjoyment at the same time.

The only thing of note that happens during the action sequence was the instinctive way Sabretooth rescued Agent Dugan. That was surprising because he actually risked his life for someone during the heat of the moment which was odd yet sort of nice for a jerkwad like Sabes to do. As a result, he got his hand chopped off in the railway. Later on, Hank would surmise that the mutant burnout is also taking a toll on him which was why his eyesight hasn't returned yet and his hand will not grow back either.

But anyway, this discussion happened after the heroes escape the Consortium first, carrying a wounded and barely alive Fabian Cortez with them. Cyclops assigned the newly-turned-nightcrawler Rogue to pick them up from the location so they were all able to get home safely. That's it. Then they have that discussion about the burnout and then Jean tells them that Cortez has something to tell them that's very urgent so they all went there to hear his piece. And boy, it's a good one too.

He reveals that the Consortium is much bigger than they could ever imagine and that he has managed to meet their top guy. Cut to the final two pages where we see Mrs. Trask (second wife to Bolivar) who has been the face I associated the Consortium with for a while now, get direct orders from a guy whose face we don't see until we flip to the final page. They mention the Sentinels program and bitch-face Zigrid Trask and that she will be playing into the cards soon (and this really annoys me). Finally, we see who is this top guy Cortez was talking about and it's no other than TONY STARK. Oh my stars and garters and all the JUBILATION and NOPES in the world!

First off, WHAT. Second of all, THE FUCK?


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