Thursday, January 22, 2015

X-Men Forever by Chris Claremont issue #13 (2009)

The third installment for the Black Magik story arc is definitely the climax of the main plot we've been following in Russia, and it was overall an unexpected spectacular splash for me. Aside from the main story finally getting some action sequences where our heroes are backed into a corner, there was also certain subplot that reveals itself in the middle concerning Sabretooth and S.H.I.E.L.D agent Duran. Meanwhile, tensions arise between two characters which I never would have guessed at all because I was truly under the impression that it had all been innocent until that point. But before we get to that juicy part of the narrative, let's zero in on the main plot first concerning Black Magik herself.

The first page reveals a mandatory backstory for the young girl Illyana Rasputin, sister to Peter, the X-Men known as Colossus which was helpful for someone like me who was never immersed in Marvels comics continuity in the first place. So after the sweet girl Illyana was transformed into an evil, magic-wielding vixen who totally violates the appropriate dress code, as far as her brother is concerned, that is, she readily assists the creepster Cossack in trying to capture/kill/whatever Colossus, Gambit, Black Widow, 'Ro and Kitty. Cossack unleashes his goons, who undergone a dramatic change into big bad wolves, to attack the team but then 'Ro and Kitty were separated from the rest and Kitty finds out that she cannot phase at all so she was left to fend for herself and 'Ro using the adamantium claw. 'Ro, fortunately, uncovers her electrical power which was short-lived but was timely enough to shock the wolves surrounding them which bought them enough time to make their escape.

Still, they found themselves trapped in the abandoned warehouse because Kitty can't phase through hard surfaces, thanks to Black Magik's meddling. Also, she's been having massive migraines all of a sudden. This brief physical incapacitation on her part allowed Magik to find them and bind 'Ro in chains so she cannot help Kitty as Magik sweet-talks her old friend from joining the dark side. Kitty was trying to resist at first but then Magik maintains that there's a reason why Kitty chose to be called Shadowcat because, apparently, Kitty has always been drawn to the darkness and it's about time she embraces it just as Illyana had now that she's Black Magik. The prospect must have been tempting to Kitty after everything she had just gone through with Logan's death and Storm's betrayal as well as finding out that Peter is in love with someone new. 'Ro tries to protest but she's locked and gagged in place.

Helplessly, she watches as Kitty began to transform into something...not nice.

Back in the Xavier Mansion, a S.H.I.E.L.D agent is roaming the generator room (at least I believe that's what it is) where Sabretooth violently confronts and kills him, much to Agent Diana Duran's chagrin when she arrived too late to prevent it. Sabretooth, however, justifies that he was merely defending the security of the household since he had been suspicious about the dead man in the first place. After closer inspection of his belongings, they realize that he had been stealing and/or installing sensitive equipment around the mansion which means that he's a spy of some sort, probably working for the Consortium. This was understandable since I recall another S.H.I.E.L.D operative releasing Fabian Cortez to the Consortium and we have yet to find out what they intend to do with him. Alarmed and determined to get to the bottom of things, Duran agrees to help Sabretooth investigate the rest of the mansion to find out exactly what kind of sabotage the X-Men's new enemies have in store.

As for the juicy part: Jean and Hank continue to spend some quality time together, being all chummy. They started to bond even closer by dancing in the living room to some old vinyl which prompted a rather tense and accidental almost-kiss as their bodies are pressed against each other. Yeah, this was going to a place I don't really want it to go. It's bad enough that Jean and Scott are struggling to be okay as exes, and the fact that Jean's current love is murdered by one of her friends--now she's having weird pseudo-romantic moments with another close friend...well, I did ask for a soap opera, didn't I? I was just uncomfortable about it but I do hope that it'd be just a passing moment and nothing more that could possibly escalate in the next installment. I mean, Logan might be coming back, right? A love triangle is enough for me; a square one would be just pushing it honestly. But let's see how it develops after this issue. There are more important plotlines to follow anyway and this one should be the least of my concerns.

A great climactic issue. Crazy stuff happens and developments are coming along well.


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