Thursday, June 4, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker issue #5

There is a heap of things I enjoyed about this fifth installment of Jeff Parker's uncannily entertaining PG-13 of a series. At this point I've become very cozy with the five youngsters and their adventures. In fact, the entire tonality and approach of X-Men: First Class are so reminiscent of the cartoon series Young Justice that it's been giving me nostalgic thrills just reading the issues day after day. I like my X-Men mature, adult-themed and philosophical about social rights and all that, but it's also a big relief to experience something as low-key and light-hearted fun as this title has been for me so far because I find myself more readily enthused to review their issues than I would normally have been in reviewing, say, the four uneven volumes of Age of Apocalypse which I did last month.

I think it's very important to have a good time reading a comic book even when it depresses the fuck out of you or makes you cry hot, salty years (much like some Batman and Hellblazer stories I've encountered last year). For the fifth issue of XMFC, I got something of an emotionally satisfying endeavor because I think this is the first time the series is hinting some possible character conflict in the future regarding development. And that concerns Bobby Drake (Iceman) whose elemental powers of winter might become a danger in the off-chance a certain group of egomaniacal fanatics want to manipulate him to secure the success of their plans for world dominion.

The issue starts with Bobby's abduction by a cult who call themselves the Vanir, and they wanted to offer him to a god named Ymir, a frost giant, in order to resurrect it. For some reason, I didn't look at the cover of this issue closely and immediately flipped through the pages, eager to get started, which was why I was utterly shocked and pleased to see that the kind, blond and tall stranger who offered his assistance in rescuing Bobby is no other than the Mighty Thor himself. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PLEASED. I've mentioned before that I consider the first Thor film as my most favorite of all the Marvel movies out there, and that Thor: God of Thunder is a series I'm currently subscribing and loving the fuck of this year, so seeing him making an appearance in an X-title was just heavenly! Goddammit, the 'frost giant' description should have alerted me already that the god of thunder is coming on, swinging that gorgeous axe (and his beautiful golden locks along with it).

I think Bobby is easily the most endearing of the group because of his immaturity and wisecrack attitude. While everyone else has the tendency to take themselves too seriously (Scott is the greatest offender but then again he is a hybrid of class president and combat leader), Bobby is always the one who can let loose and have a good time no matter what, more so than Warren who can literally blow off classes by flying off to the sky. I suppose this is the reason why it had such a tremendous gravity when Thor decided to speak with him about serious matters, forewarning him of what he may be capable of in the future if he's not careful with his powers. It was a great moment of insight to Bobby's character who would probably learn to grow up as the series progresses and that's an arc I will definitely look forward to--especially when you consider that the cult Vanir is still around and they seem to take a keener interest in turning Bobby Drake as their very own slave frost giant. I sure hope that arc will be explored later on. It'd be interesting to see how it'll play out for this title that is still strictly kid-friendly in its storylines and approach. Regardless of that restriction, I think Jeff Parker's writing for XMFC has been impressive, and I always find myself smiling and commenting aloud to myself every time I browse an issue.


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