Wednesday, June 17, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker Vol. 2 issue #11

What the fuck are 'continue-teens'?

Well, whoever they are, they supposedly represent the real-life comic book readers who understand the laws and continuity lapses of superhero universes. I suppose this is Jeff Parker's attempt at meta commentary and literary style but I frankly did not give a damn. It was incomprehensible.

It's possible that the main reason why I didn't enjoy any of it was because it forced me to recall some Marvel villains who remain obscure only to me most likely because I'm not a Marvel fangirl in the first place so a fee of these characters and their overall significance to the meta-plot they are playing on goes way over my head. Shamefully so, I guess, but I couldn't google while reading this issue because I simply dislike interruptions when I read comics. Besides, right after finishing, I decided that I don't want to know more although the concept of meta teenage comic book readers helping out the X-Men does have its charm for a while.

Still, this is an issue to skip. Scott and Warren (both on individual missions) are also absent here so the OCF are incomplete so there is less interactive dynamics among them.


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