Saturday, June 6, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker issue #7

So Charles Xavier is apparently still on vacation for this issue much like the last time. Why the fuck is he doing that anyway? I have no other choice but to listen to my shipper senses which lead me to believe, naturally, that he's having secretive rendezvous with his public enemy but lover-on-the-down-low, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Magneto). 

Except that it turns out the Brotherhood has been disbanded when the Stranger, being a jerk, took off to space with Mags and Toad with him. OR MAYBE HE'S BACK with Mags and Toad on earth. And Charles sensed it so he packed up his things so he can meet his long-lost lover---ah, forget it. I'm not going to keep pushing this ridiculous fan-theory.

That being said, this issue, if you can't already tell by the cover, is easily about romantic affairs and whatnot, focusing on Angel and Scarlet Witch's clandestine dates and the domineering Quicksilver who does not approve.

It looks like Warren finally has some good reason to ditch classes and not just to zoom innto the skies and muck around. This time he's seeing Wanda (they've been in four dates now) and the rest of the X-Men are worried as hell especially when Quicksilver, Wanda's twin bro, decides to pay them a visit and bitch about the possibility that the X-Men abducted his sister and some kind of bullshit like that. When he fled, the team decided to consult Cerebro and they found out Hank used magic fingers to hack the damn thing and give up the Scarlet Witch's location since she's still in the country and Warren totes wanna get on with her. 

Hank agreed to be a gentleman and keep it a secret much to Jean and Bobby's dismay. Scott, though--being Scott--couldn't be bothered, citing they're both adults and they really should get to class (even though the professor hasn't been teaching anyway). Still, Warren and Wanda do figure out by now that they live far too different lives even if they're no longer fighting on opposing sides. They were about to end things officially when Pietro shows up to be a dick, causing to almost destroy a playground filled with children when the three of them have an unpleasant confrontation. Seriously, of all the places to have an argument with, they pick a children's playground!

Thank god that the X-Men arrived in their shitty minivan (Prof took the jet) so they can interfere and rescue the children from the commotion. Afterwards, Quicksilver realized he was being a dick, thanks to Jean's intervention, since Marvel Girl was not pleased to have a man--regardless if he was being a protective big brother--dictate another fellow gal when it comes to making her own decisions. Jean was adamant about that, forcing the twins to finally have an honest conversation about their siblingship. So everything gets resolved nicely in what you can pretty much expect from a PG-13 series such as Jeff Parke's XMFC. To end the issue, we get the X-Men play with the children they rescued earlier which is just swell because LOOK AT HOW GODDAMN CUTE EVERYTHING IS!!


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