Monday, June 22, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker Vol. 2 issue #15

Professor X and the X-Men just happened to be riding their Blackbird jet plane when they picked up a distress call from an airport where a freaking flying saucer just crashed-landed. They rose to action immediately, much to Bobby's annoyance because he was really enjoying his nap when Beast threw him out the sky, clutching the younger boy with only his massive feet. Again, this greatly upsets Bobby--it's days like this that he wishes they have Angel around whenever any of them goes airborne. 

So Cyclops, Beast and Iceman get themselves landed on the saucer as it flew itself back into the air. As soon as Beast and Iceman finished their small argument about the basic laws of physics, Jean mentally takes control of the saucer (muttering quite comedically "It's just me and the saucer, thr saucer and me..."). So the saucer was grounded again and the X-Men try to see who was operating the damn thing and it turns out to be a Fantastic Four villain named Madame Medusa.

I don't know anything about her except that she has long red hair that terrifyingly elongates and ensnares enemies. Basically, bitch got magic hair. After some brief altercation, M.Medusa confesses that she is no longer in league with the bad guys and wants to understand what and who she is since she has no memories of her past nor any knowledge as to where her powers came from. She surmised that perhaps she is a mutant which intrigued the professor, of course, so he agreed to take her to their mansion, seeing as Xavier didn't pick up any threats in her subconscious.

So there's a girl other than Jean in thr household and the guys flock to her with eager curiosity. Jean, meanwhile, obviously envies Medusa's luscious long locks and tries, humorously, to get her own auburn hair long using telekenisis. I always enjoy these subtle odd behaviors from Jean whenever there is another girl around. She's so adorably awkward, alternating between fuzzing over the other girl or becoming rather stiff and clumsy in her interactions. This time it was in the latter. You can tell she's uncomfortable around Medusa while Henry is clearly smitten and acts like the perfect gentleman around her. Aside from that, I was just fine with this installment. It was nice to see Jean in such a dorky way where as Henry tries to impress a girl with his nerd skills and such. Another brilliant thing which I was so shocked by that I literally squealed was the RETURN OF WARREN WORTHINGTON. It looks like his vacation is over and he's back on the game. It was such a sweet moment to see him swoop in and scoop his three friends who were suspended in the air during a fight scene. 

I am so glad to see Angel again.  I wonder if he is staying for good...


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