Monday, June 22, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker Vol. 2 issue #16

The cover should say it all--this was going to be a very wickedly fun issue. Featuring the guest appearances of the Human Torch and Spider-Man this final issue of Parker's XMFC roster was a conclusion to a rather delightful, breezy and enthralling run that leaves for more stories to be continued in the future which I sure hope so.

In fact, even though the second season has officially ended with sixteen issues, OCF will be back in a Giant-Size one and the mini series X-Men: First Class: FINALS which you will damn sure I'll be reviewing before the month of June ends. So let's finish this review together hrr and go forth to bolder horizons!

For this final installment, Jeff Parker examines the other two classic titles from Stan Lee's sixties era which were the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. These two were published and released alongside X-Men (and the Avengers). They are also arguably the more popular series which makes sense since they have already established a fanbase while the X-Men is still building up credibility, both as a comics title itself and as superheroes within their fictional universe. In this case, we see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four's youngest and most excitable members, Iceman and the Human Torch respectively, team up and fight crime in the name of badass-ness.

How does Spider-Man fit into all of this? Well, Gwen Stacy just invited Peter Parker to a pool party but he needs to stay and guard the city streets. Luckily for him, the two guys decided to step in and take the reigns from there on. Spidey was only slightly reluctant to let them do his own job but he was convinced eventually, mostly because he really wants to see Gwen in a swimsuit so he entrusts Bobby and Johnny to stop whatever supervillains decide to cause havoc in New York. 

Both Bobby and Johnny are not camera-shy and their media exploits soon reach their respective teams whose reactions primarily range from mild amusement, annoyance and shock. But the two boys were actually great together, what with their polar-opposite powers enhancing each other. All good things have to come to an end, however, when the two prove to be slighlt irresponsible and too laid-back to ever establish a stable partnership. Still, it was good while it lasted. Much like the series as a whole. See y'all in FINALS!


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