Thursday, June 11, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker Vol. 2 issue #5

This wasn't a very remarkable issue which was disappointing for me because I've gotten used to the fact that every time we get another Marvel character to guest star, something awesome is going to happen and it's mostly hinged on the fact that said Marvel guest would have a meaningful interaction with certain member of the X-Men (much like Thor did with Bobby, and Sue Richards with Jean). This time, the Hulk's appearance feels like they were going for something of a filler, merely bridging a flimsy connection between Dr. Bruce Banner and Xavier's gifted mutants. Plot-wise, there's nothing substantial offered in the story either. It was just ordinary.

The X-Men track down the Hulk because the military has asked for Xavier's help to contain this violent creature only for them to find out that the military actually plans to use Hulk as a weapon so with those intentions, the X-Men and the professor decided to report nothing back to the military. They got to meet Bruce Banner in his human form. The characters just had a nice moment of conversation to fill in the pages as well as the fight scenes in between. 

No real threat was fought, or any objective was accomplished. I would have liked if they didn't take so long to reveal that the military is the one not to be trusted. If they did, maybe we would have seen the Hulk and the X-Men duke it out with the soldiers instead, but hey, maybe that's too soon or too crowded visually. I don't know what the idea was but I just wished they had more meat and bones in the story, that's all. There's really nothing more to say about this issue which makes my review of it rather brief, I know.

It's the first one in the  roster that was mediocre. I hope this doesn't become a trend later on.


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