Tuesday, June 16, 2015

X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker Vol. 2 issue #9

Normally, I'd be up for some female trifecta action (even when it's not of the lesbian variety) but seeing these three beauties as the central characters for this issue did not get me as excited as I hoped I would be. Nonetheless, such useless first impressions were thankfully cast aside once I did get around to actually reading this.

As I've never gotten tired saying it before, I maintain that Jeff Parker's XMFC is of PG-13 variety. You think by now I would be sick of it but not at all. Comics are supposed to relax you. As much as I appreciate superhero stories that challenge me mentally and attempt to engage me beyond entertainment, I also do love it when what I see is what I get and this was another issue in the roster that proves just that. And this time it features Marvel Girl,  Scarlet Witch and Black Widow as the leads and they were more than equipped to captivate my interest. 

I can really appreciate the mere fact that this series as a whole attempts to establish personal relationships between the X-Men and the slowly reforming Maximoff twins who have officially cut all ties from Magneto (who remains a no-show here; the Cherik shipper in me is itching for his appearance so he and Charles can fall back into their old-couple habits). S.H.I.E.L.D has taken an interest in this and has tasked Natasha (Black Widow) to get close to the young women and gauge their states of mind, particularly Scarlet Witch.

Basically, Nick Fury wants to keep tabs on Wanda and Pietro Maximoff and whether or not they're still rotten eggs. I supppse they have to witnessed the answer for themselves in action. The three gorgeous ladies put Charlie's Angels to shame as they infiltrated a HYDRA arny base and showcased that each of them is a force to be reckoned with.

What really sold this issue for me is the sisterhood between Jean and Wanda, two fantastic heroines whom I've always wanted to see as friends and this series has fulfilled that wish. Both have formidable and earth-shattering powers which makes for an interesting platonic pairing now, considering that down the line both will lose control over their own sanity ans wreak havoc. It just amuses me to see their idyllic versions enjoying each other's youthful company, if not slightly disturbed and saddened by it.


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