Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis #6

This issue's central characters are definitely Jean Grey and Scott Summers although we do get some great character gems with Kitty and Wolverine as well. For Jean and Scott, the adjustment period is ongoing and they are the two members of the OCF who are struggling the hardest about it. Jean just had her first symbolic nightmare, and has yet to turn off accidentally reading the minds of the people in the mansion. It's a good thing Kitty was there, acting as the surrogate-Xavier which young Jean needed.

It's worth noting that the very first time Kitty Pryde was created by Chris Claremont around the late seventies was just after the Dark Phoenix Saga which killed Jean Grey for a time. She was the newest and youngest member of the X-Men and the entire Days of Future Past story arc was mostly about her future self trying to save mutantkind by getting psylinked with her kid self. Kitty has demonstrated such natural talent in combat. She's open to learning and following orders while still knowing who she is at her very core. She was never a childhood favorite since she wasn't a part of the nineties cartoon I grew up with but I found myself falling in love with her once I started to read her in stories that truly accentuate her admirable qualities. Her developing relationship with the young Jean here was such a sweet thing to see unfold especially when Kitty herself admitted that she has such great respect for the woman Jean became.

Before we move along, I just want to add that artist David Marquez has his own unique visual take on the characters particularly on the facial element. I think his nuanced expression of character faces are commendable especially during emotional key moments about Jean and Scott where you can see the mixture of different emotions coalescing in their eyes and mouths. It means great attention to detail for an artist so I want to give Marquez kudos for the fine job.

As Jean struggles to overcome her telepathic powers and to properly utilize them, Scott decided to run off for a while and steals Logan's bike. He wanders into a store, completely amazed by the modern changes (with something as simple as "bottled water" if you can believe it) and was recognized by the cashier lady since Cyclops is pretty much plastered all over the news media as as the 'new face of the mutant revolution'. Wolverine tracked him down just in time before something bad happened and I thought it was incredibly humorous that Logan was forced to be the adult to look after a teenage Scott whom he never had the easiest relationship with in the first place. And now he has to play guardian for a boy whom he is so adamant on hating and wishing dead. Scott managed to evade him long enough by shooting him with beams which only angered Wolverine so he had to chase Scott down again. I am losing my shit every time I read this title, I kid you not. There is humor in it that appeals to me.

Pictured here is Wolverine who did not fucking sign up to babysit the teenage version of his now-nemesis

Meanwhile, perched in one of the skyscrapers was young Warren, calmly having his spotlight to inner-monologue when he gets humorously interrupted by Scott driving off in Logan's stolen bike, and the ground forming a face and burping (Krakoa?). Then, he meets the Warren of that timeline, all metal-winged, Legolas-blond-toting who was far too accepting of him which made Warren readily suspicious, but he followed him anyway as they fly off to spend some time together. I have no idea what happened to Angel for the present MARVEL NOW! timeline, honestly, so this intrigues me. It's worth noting that Warren just wants to go home to his timeline so he feels out of place.

The issue ends with Mystique finding out about the young Scott running around the city through a video posted online where he blasted Wolverine in a parking lot outside a convenience store. I bet Logan won't be happy to find his ass getting beat by a young Slim being broadcasted in YouTube but I digress. Mystique seemed like she has a plan in mind just to mess with things and be a bitch, I guess. We never know when it comes to her, really. This series has really found its momentum and is going with it!


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