Friday, September 11, 2015

X-Men: Battle of the Atom by Brian Michael Bendis 01

I've heard some great things about this crossover event named Battle of the Atom. Naturally, I can't wait to see for myself what it was all about and I even managed to avoid any spoiler from last year because I want to be surprised once I read it. At first glance, the premise was pretty intriguing especially when we got to the cliffhanger part at the end. I'm aware that there are other X-titles that I need to read to get a complete picture of the events and I might get around to that once I finished reviewing each Marvel Now! title individually starting with All-New X-Men. There's no rush. After all, I've been enjoying the ride and pacing of this adventure so far. Who wouldn't?

The issue opens with Illyana traveling to the future because she can't help herself--she's deadly curious to see what will happen, if she made the right choice to follow Cyclops and if their revolution did anything to change the course of mutantkind to their benefit. What she witnessed didn't look so optimistic but it can't be said for certain because it was abruptly cut short when the narrative jumped back to the present in the school canteen where the OCF and Kitty received a breaking-news alert from Cerebro.

Apparently, there's a new mutant again and she is completely going buts over exploring her powers which able to create prehistoric dinosaurs?? I'm not really sure what I'm seeing but those fuckers look awesome! Who doesn't love dinosaurs? And X-Men has had a complicated and quirky relationship with these creatures going as far as Savage Land era. Anyway, Kitty brings the OCF with her to convince this new mutant to stop being crazy and join their school. Said new mutant is pretty hot, at least Bobby thought so, and called "dibs" on asking her out. So mature as ever, Robert, and he announced this while they are in the middle of fighting the dinosaurs. How quaint. Things were fun for a while and under control until fucking Sentinels just had to crash the party and be the assholes they were programmed to be.

The notable moments in this issue happen when Scott got cornered and almost shot to death by a Sentinel TWICE which prompted Jean to react like a heartbroken girlfriend during both times, after just an issue where she made out with Hank and told him that she is not in love with Scott. At all. SUSPICIOUS SPIDEY SENSES OF MINE ARE TINGLING. Oh, Ms. Grey, your tear-filled eyes and screams of agony betray you. Seriously, you are not fooling anyone, Jeanie, including your lying self. Just look at what a hot mess you are in both instances when you thought you might lose Scott forever:

Jean Grey: Not doing her best to hide her suppressed feelings for a boy she claimed not to love
Jean Grey:  Freaking out again because Scott got hurt, never mind that Hank is seeing her reaction which would've been totes awkward

Another important thing to take note of is the arrival of present-day Cyclops and his Dream Team who proceeded to help Kitty and the OCF in taking care of the trash, ergo, dispose of the goddamn stupid Sentinels WHOM I AM JUST SICK TO DEATH OF LIKE THE DALEKS FROM DOCTOR WHO. It's great to see Warren being amicable and even suggesting to fly Hank so he can kick some Sentinel butt. It's as if there were no hard feelings among them when Warren left which is nice because as much as I like drama in my X-Men soap opera, also seeing young friends acknowledge that the mature thing to do is to put aside their petty differences and fight together is pretty badass and impressive all by itself. Look at these dorks and their adorbs teamwork, where even Magneto (whose shiny new silver attire I forgot to comment on--well, it still looked better than whatever Claremont seventies costume he had on in this issue so it's fine) is a participant.

And then, like I said, Scott got shot by a Sentinel's decapitated head simply because he has the worst luck that day--AND LITERALLY ALMOST DIED. As he was losing consciousness and dying, Emma had that newly recruited mutant Christopher (who is a healer) help the young Scott. Hank noticed that present-day Cyclops was gone all of a sudden as if he just disappeared. But as soon as the young Scott was cured, the older version was back in the realm of existence, leading to the confirmation that if their younger past selves died in this timeline, then they get erased to. WELL, DUH FREAKING DUH. Still, awkward moments ensued, mostly with Jean again, who is by now so obviously clinging onto Scott, A BOY SHE SWORE SHE'S NOT IN LOVE WITH, as if holding him is the most important thing to do and there's nothing else! For fuck's sake, Jean, Hank is watching all of this! BE DISCREET and LESS SHOUTY about it!

Jean Grey: The ultimate denier of romantic feelings, seen here NOT DENYING she would be devastated if Scott died
Scott and Scott: Awkward silence fills the gaps

Back in the school, a discussion happens where democracy basically can suck it!

I really love the fact that there is an ongoing mentor-student close ties between Jean and Kitty, and Scott and Logan (and Wolverine never asked for this and yet here he is, always butting heads with a young "Slim" whom he is obviously learning to care for at this point). Saved by the bell, Logan failed to answer Scott because the time cube started acting out, turning on by itself, and presenting us with these characters who claimed to be from the future IF THE ORIGINAL X-MEN HAD STAYED IN THE PRESENT TIMELINE. 

So, once again yet another TIA moment lands on their feet---this is awkward. 

Like that MTV teen show of the same name, this issue placed everyone in very uncomfortable situations


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