Saturday, September 12, 2015

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis #17 [Battle of the Atom]

It's going to be so weird trying to talk about this. After all, I don't plan on posting individual reviews (yet) for the other parts of this arc that belong to other titles. Strictly speaking, the issues from Bendis' All-New X-Men that were a part of Battle of the Atom were issues 16 and 17 only, and this issue is already the sixth part of the storyline, chronologically speaking. That means if you're only reading this review without knowing anything else from the other titles, this is going to be jarring, very spoilery and confusing as fuck. 

Originally, I wasn't planning on reading Battle of the Atom as a separate arc itself for this month, but since the events that occurred there have aftermath effects in the next issues of ANXM, I felt the need to finish it the entire thing and discuss only what was in the pipeline for ANXM. I understand now that it's been a horrible mistake. But I'm such a fucking completist that I will be remiss if I don't include the review for issue #17 right now. So I guess I'll just post this anyway and just warn you that this is very SPOILERY and if you haven't read Battle of the Atom for yourself, just go ahead and skip this. I'm personally just writing this to appease myself.

I will try my best to recap some stuff here that were covered in the previous three issues as succinctly as I could. It's wonky already so I really suggest for you stop reading this review now and go straight to #18.

So after Jean and Scott ran away when shady characters time-traveled and claimed to be the future X-Men, everyone is a part of the search party especially after said future X-Men revealed that the OCF (Original Core Five) have to be sent back to their own timeline because the time-space continuum has already suffered enough, and these future X-Men said that their future is in chaos, and it's all because the OCF stayed behind in this current timeline. Determined to fix that and aided by the rest of the present-day X-Men like Wolverine, Kitty and Storm, they tried to convince Scott and Jean to go back. But Scott and Jean sought the protection of none other than the present-day Cyclops and his revolutionist Dream Team who argued that the OCF should have a choice about whether to stay or not. Only Emma disagrees and even led the future X-Men to their location so they can detain the OCF. 

Some fight scenes happen, the most memorable of which were Emma and the future Jean Grey's telepathic attacks on one another as the young Jean tried to contribute something to the battle. That confrontation was definitely my most favorite scene so far. I knew we're going to get some Emma vs. Jean moment in this series and it blew all my expectations in the water! Also, it proves yet again that Jean Grey for this new continuity is absolutely INSANE more so in the future. I freaking cannot handle this woman right now, Jesus fuck!

As it turned out, the future Jean Grey who time-traveled is not the Jean Grey we all knew from the old continuity. This is the Jean Grey time-dispeled young Jean became after making the stubborn decision not to go back to her own timeline. Now her all grown-up self came back to literally and telepathically beat some sense into her. That in itself is suspicious so Magik *(taking young Bobby and Hank with her) transported herself to the future and this is when they found out that the shady people who claimed to be the X-Men were not the real ones but impostors; otherwise known as the Brotherhood of Mutants in the future, led by Charles Xavier's grandson and alongside the weathered Jean Grey (masquerading as Xorn, of all disguises), senior Kitty Pryde, the horns-sporting Beast and freaking Deadpool.

Now, as it turns out, the real X-Men of the future were the matured Jubilee, mustached Colossus (I could never get over that 'stache!), equally surprising Merlin-looking Iceman (how many versions of Icemen are we going to see?), and Sentinel X (whom Bobby hilariously referred to as "not-Iron Man"). There was also a young woman who suspiciously resembled Storm herself (who will be casually revealed on a later issue as her daughter named Kymera). See for yourselves the "real" X-Men of the future:

So that was essentially what happened for this issue. It's only going to get crazier.


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