Thursday, September 3, 2015

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis #8

This issue features the Avengers even though theirs was really only just a cameo appearance plus a little bit of action scenes against some Hyrdra army along the way. This installment focuses on the two Warrens from the past and the present although it didn't really give me much content than I expected and this is the first time I'm actually giving an ANXM issue a 7 out of 10 stars rating. So far, each installment has been rated from 8 to 10 because they were that unbelievably good, but this supposedly Angel-centered one just didn't work or mesh well for me.

For one thing, I feel rather stupid asking this here but what happened to Angel in the current Marvel Now! timeline anyway? I struggled trying to make sense of the vague dialogue exchanges provided by the older Warren. From what I can gather, he's...not exactly a person anymore? He mentioned something about young Warren being an "older model"...what the fuck does that even mean? Is Angel an android now? I'm very, very confused. 

All I know about Angel are two things: First, he ultimately didn't want to get involved in battles so he created some sort of utopia haven for other mutants who also don't want to have anything to do with the bloodshed and politics. Second, he was operated or experimented on at one point and had his wings chopped off from his back and that was such a depressing turn of events. Later on, Apocalypse provided him with metal wings and from then on he struggled to define what exactly his allegiance to the mutant cause is, as well as his relationship with friends, and his constant search for a singular purpose for existing. That's pretty much what I know about Warren/Angel. Of all the OCF, he always struck me as unknowable and I definitely want to get to know him better. I was hoping this issue would enlighten me but the evasive way the writing dealt with whatever happened to the current Warren boggles the mind instead of clarifying it. I just didn't like that. I did feel bad, however, for the young Warren himself who is scared shitless, reflecting my own confusion over the events.

Is that what Bendis was going for all along? If it was then it worked. I'm just as frustrated and afraid of what happened to Angel in the present timeline and young Warren's complete meltdown made me want to rush towards him and hug the poor fellow. Why isn't anyone doing that? I have never seen anyone looked so helpless and alone and none of the X-Men knew what to do to comfort him and that is just unacceptable. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HOLD WARREN AND TELL THE BABY HE'S GOING TO BE OKAY? I hardly know him but I want to make his pain go away so badly...

There's a great young Scott moment in this issue that I liked: he approached Captain America and the rest of the Avengers and said the following things, which even Logan was impressed by while everyone was just looking on, dumbfounded.. I supposed he did take Mystique's advice from the last issue and I'm very proud of him for that. Now that is the Scott Summers I love the most!

But let's get back to Warren who is flipping out. He tried to access the time cube to travel back to the past.

And who had the gull to stop him? Well, Jean Grey. And she was very nonchalant about it too.

The young girl looked menacing and ominous as she basically just shut him down telepathically so he'll stop whining and cooperate. Essentially, she took a page from Charles Xavier's "how to solve a problem" manual: by psychologically manipulating someone into thinking everything is dandy. It's...not a good color in Jean and everyone agrees. I bet Kitty is horrified now after she just helped Jean two issues ago on how to control her powers. Now Jean is in control...and that's not always a good thing, is it?


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