Monday, September 7, 2015

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis #9

The issue fabulously opens with Kitty Pryde (hilarious nicknamed "Professor K" behind her back) training the OCF inside the state-of-the-art Danger Room which was too sophisticated that the OCF could hardly keep up with its combat simulations. Immonen's artwork for the sequences featuring the Sentinels were just utterly mesmerizing to see on page. I really appreciate the fact that Bendis opened with something action-y at this point because I do love my soap opera X-Men like any avid fan but sometimes I'd like to be treated to some daring fight scenes that I could inspect panel by panel and lose myself in the process. That happened quite a lot here in this issue.

However, the performance of the OCF were less than stellar. In fact, THEY SUCKED. Kitty was insightful enough to provide the exact points on what made them suck, how much they suck and how they can stop sucking. She explained each of their core weaknesses like Iceman trying to save her when Kitty can phase anyway so he should have focused on the civilians, and that Scott might have been the leader of the mission and is doing his part giving out orders BUT NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM. Like, at all. After that exercise, Angel was quick to just get out of there, already more apathetic than usual while Hank took mental notes to improve on his combat strategy. Meanwhile, Jean overheard Scott thinking about Mystique and asked him about it and Kitty expressed her concern too because she knows Mystique but Scott chooses to shut them both down, feeling no need to explain his personal business to either of them.

Jean is upset about it and clearly intrigued about who Mystique is and what she's been saying to Scott but Kitty has different reasons to be bothered, of course. As a nice segue, we get to see about the shape-shifting conniving woman in question and that is no other than teaming up with Sabretooth and freeing Lady Mastermind from prison. Charles Xavier is gone and Mystique may be grieving about it and what better way to demonstrate that grief than to fuck up some humans? Yeah. So that's wonderfully unfolding as a side-story. Back in the mansion, we see Kitty confronting Scott and Scott still refusing to talk to her about it. I can understand Scott's defensive mode especially since Mystique is the only adult who understood him and listened to him and so he trusts her. As far as he's concerned, Kitty has yet to earn that and I sure hope she earns it quickly because Mystique is no exactly role-model material and young Scott needed somebody to look up to. My money is on Logan but he's not willing. Maybe Storm? Seriously, can we get some Ororo spice up in this series, Bendis? I would very much like that.

Speaking of trust, Jean and Kitty who have previously bonded in the sixth issue now have some tension after what Jean did to Warren. I think Kitty is uncomfortable about how fast Jean is coping with her telepathy and how she often readily intrudes on people's private thoughts willy-nilly. Kitty stated this intrusion in the most simplistic but on-the-mark phrase when she explained, "Just because I leave my bedroom door open, it doesn't give you permission to go through my stuff." That being said, I like reckless Jean. She is still learning to control her abilities but she's also insecure and a bit naive in a lot of ways so it's interesting to see her take advantage of people via telepathy. 

Another notable scene here is the conversation between Beast and Warren. Young Warren still doesn't want to get involved. His default reaction to everything is amused boredom and Beast is trying to shake him out of this stupor. He cautioned him to be more proactive because he wasn't exaggerating when he said that there is going to be a "mutant apocalypse" because of Cyclops in this timeline; it is still imminent unless they can all convince present-Scott to chill the fuck out and stop revolutionizing things.

Speaking of said revolutionist: Cyclops with the rest of his "Uncanny X-Force" dropped in the school in the middle of the night with no "how-you-do" or "sorry about killing Xavier" or "I messed up and I need help"...just this fucking phrase:

"To me, my X-Men"??!! What are they, pets? Who do you think you are now, Mr. Summers? I mean, really, Scott? You open with that? SERIOUSLY, YOU JERKFACE? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU THESE DAYS?! You do realize you've lost all your authority and their trust back when you absorbed the Phoenix Force and almost murdered the entire population of earth right? And then you killed Professor X? Can somebody slap this man and never stop slapping him until he regains reason? GOOODDDD!!


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